What We Do

How do you get some rhythm in your rhymes? You have a product or a vision to create a new one. We have the expertise to take you from concept to where you want to be – delivering a solution that people eagerly recommend to others like a new hit song – in a reasonable amount of time and with limited risk.

Hundredwatt Labs is a strategic consulting boutique specializing in design and delivery of innovative media and technology solutions.

Products and services can always be improved. But where should you spend your investment dollars? What can you do to unlock existing value propositions and leverage them into new opportunities? How can you create a buzz about your offerings? We can help you craft a superior, end-to-end user experience that can make a lasting impression, differentiate you from the pack and will keep clients coming back in search of your next album.


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  • Ideation & Product Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • System Design
  • Desktop & Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Multimedia Production
  • Brand Development
  • Advertising & Communications

Our Team

Since its founding in 1997, Hundredwatt Labs has been about bringing the right ideas and best strategies to the table which all starts with top quality people. The following is a list of key leaders for the organization.

Jeff Schwartz

Strategic Lead

Jeff Schwartz helped found the company after operating as an independent technology consultant to the financial services industry in the mid-1990's. Jeff also worked for Reuters PLC prior to Al Gore's invention of the Internet. He also holds a degree in Economics from Princeton University and is the drummer for the Hundredwatt band - Intelligent Design.

Martin Kraus

Creative Director

Martin Kraus brings almost two decades of art direction and visual communication experience to the Hundredwatt team. He has been recognized as an accomplished creative professional, having received several industry awards and mentions in publications. Before joining Hundredwatt Labs, Martin served as Creative Director for Austin Knight Advertising and Desktop.com as well as working independently with brands such as: Nike, Levis, Sun Microsystems, CNET, and E!online.

Ron Pastore

Technical Director

Ron Pastore has over 15 years of software engineering and technical management experience most recently with AOL/Huffington Post where he was a development lead for the award winning HuffPost Live video platform and Verizon Wireless where he was the team lead and architect for its Legal IT operations. Ron is a Zend certified engineer who is expert in numerous strategic technology stacks and developent methodologies.

Kevin Williams

Technical Lead

Kevin Williams has over 20 years of experience delivering enterprise-level solutions across industries—including new media, finance, entertainment and wireless/telecommunications. Kevin has held prior positions as a financial analyst, systems architect and software developer for a number of companies, including PainWebber, Prudential Investment Corp, MGM Studios, Inc. Warner Bros, Roo Media and others. He also holds a B.S.E. in Engineering Management Systems/Information and Decision Sciences from Princeton University.

Jamie Klapwyk

Rich Media Guru

Jamie Klapwyk has over 10 years experience in developing compelling interactive software and media services. Having graduated at the top of his class in the Multimedia program at Humber College, Jamie went on to become a senior, lead developer at Design Axiom in Toronto. He has an eye for detail and a trove of skills for amazing interactive experiences. Jamie is also honing his mad guitar skills to take his place in the pantheon of the Hundredwatt band.


For new ventures, Hundredwatt can empower your success by plugging in valuable resources to augment your existing skills whether you’re a conventionally funded start-up, a new corporate project or an entrepreneur with a cocktail napkin (or a microphone). We thrive on converting great ideas into a successful, compelling reality.

Hundredwatt has been retained to help envision, design and build new product ventures within major client enterprises. The following are recent examples:

Reuters Insider logo

Reuters Insider is a Internet-based network for delivering video and multimedia news and analysis created by Reuters editorial and as channels operated by various entities in the financial service industry. It has further evolved as a capability for provisioning streams based collaboration among various communities in the orbit of Thomson Reuters' offerings.

HuffPost Live logo

HuffPost Live is an interactive, video extension of the Huffington Post enabling interested viewers to participate in the live conversation about important topics of interest. HuffPost Live provides a vision for the next generation of televised content and collaboration.

We also have a couple bands incubating in our garage that we'll be launching in the coming year. Check out the concepts below...

Foliography.com logo

Foliography™ is a collaborative, multimedia publishing platform enabling anyone to organize and transform basic media assets into studio-grade, cinematic documentary content while knowing little more than how to upload a photograph.

Cartagraphics.com logo

Cartagraphics™ is a commercial info graphic framework enabling customers to convey interactive data and media assets in a visually compelling way and within a geographic context (i.e. using maps)